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Nadiejda Miura

Electronic Music

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Nadiejda is from Belgium, she has always liked music from rock to rap and since she was a little girl she would dance to the rhythm of almost any song.

When she left Belgium to travel to Italy in 2007, she met other musicians who became her friends and members of her band Ambrosia, formed in 2008. A young band with a melodic rock sound.

In 2013, she collaborated with "Amy G" and "Dj Nando Fortunato" and released the single "Lylou - Comet" after this, Nadiejda decided to go on to study electronic music production at the SAE Institute, gaining the possibility to create music individually with her own sound.

In 2014, she collaborated with "Giulio Vinci" on the single "If You" working on the vocals and cover image of the song.

In 2015, she release her first full single "Pathetic" in collaboration with "Giulio Vinci".

Her music has many different faces but is best defined as electronic pop.

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