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Lara Ingrosso

Classical Contemporary

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Lara Ingrosso shows her interest for the art since she was a little child. Her artistic formation starts from the age of thirteen years. From that moment she devotes her to the study of the modern music and the theater in a music, arts and show academy, trying then to sharpen his techniques through numerous stage and courses with teachers as Peppe Vessicchio, Luca Pitteri, Alejandro Martinez, Elisa Turla. (1° and 2° level Method Estill Voice Craft, CFP graduation) and so many others.
In 2008 she is chosen as backup singer in one of the productions of "Le cirque du soleil".
In the 2009 she signs the regal one of the show “The twentieth century America" and later she writes a new show in which also participates as vocalist and reciting voice: “Blue(s)oul”.
In 2010 she obtains the role of Ismene in the "Antigone" of Fabio Sonzogni, show where she collaborates with some actors of the Dramatic Arts Academy "Silvio D’Amico."
Later devotes her to the study of the dubbing with two of the most important Italian voice actors, Roberto Pedicini and Christian Iansante.
In parallel she undertakes the study of the jazz music, before with the M° Patrizia Lomuscio and subsequently with the M° Stefano Luigi Mangia, that routes her in the run of composer and arranger.
The meeting with the guitarist and composer Salvatore Casaluce in 2012, allows her to be part of the “Salento Cinema Ensemble”.
After she begins her collaboration as singer and composer/arranger with the M°Francesco Del Prete (violinist and composer) with which she takes life the project “Respiro”.
The musical project “Respiro” allows her to be awarded ten times at national level and to make many concerts in all Italy.
In 2016 she begins to approach the world of film music and starts her "Soundtracks project". In the summer of 2016 she publishes her first works, and had her first collaborations. One of these is the one with the video production agency "InSynch Lab", for which continues to work even today.
Currently Lara, besides bringing forth her project "Respiro", she continues to study modern and classical composition and to work as a freelance composer and arranger.

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